Locating Facebook (MCL)

Locating Facebook on the Multnomah County Library’s homepage is super easy. I couldn’t miss it. The button link, along with its Twitter partner, is on the lower right-hand corner of every page. I dare say that this library really, really wants users to visit their Facebook site. The link is given more prominence than their library logo.


Andy Burkhardt, in his Information Tyrannosaur Blog, writes that to grow their social media presence, libraries should “link everywhere [they] can.” Multnomah County Library goes beyond his recommendation to include a social media link on their library homepage and makes it available to users in every area of their website. In a few of the pages, particularly the longer ones, the icon is not readily visible. However, when I scrolled down, it was always in the same place.

With so much exposure, natural curiosity takes over the user. I clicked on the Facebook link when I was actually supposed to be evaluating the website’s design. It just begs to be explored. I think that users who are Facebook users, like myself, will immediately gravitate to the familiar icon as we do when we visit other sites. The possibility that we will friend Multnomah library increases. And if users are not already members of Facebook, seeing the icon so often will pique their interest and may lead them to join. If their local library is present, Facebook can’t be that bad.

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