Locating Facebook (SPL)

Even if the Seattle Public Library is really keen on engaging with their users on Facebook, their website does not support this goal. At first glance, and with the color-coding scheme taken into account, the most prominent services offered are the library catalog and the library locator.

To find the Facebook link, I had to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. If I were a busier patron, I would have completely missed it.

The icon is small and buried in the footer amongst all sorts of other information. It gives one the feeling that it was an afterthought or an obligation. Address, phone number, Twitter, Facebook…can’t have one without the others. The color of the footer does not help either. Facebook’s trademark blue icon blends into the blue background.

According to Helen Murphy’s Facebook for libraries: hints ‘n’ tips Prezi, a library who wants to enter the social media environment has to actively promote their Facebook page. “Are you doing everything you can?” she asks. The icon may be present in every page of Seattle Public Library’s website but it is not being advertised like it could be. In the suggestions section of this blog, I will offer some tips on how to improve this promotion.

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