My Opinion on MCL’s Facebook

If I were a patron of the Multnomah County library, I would visit the Facebook page often. There seems to be so much interesting material to explore. Their built-in YouTube channel fascinated me. I am not a patron but I watched a few of the videos on the inner workings of the library.

I think they are on to something here. They are not pushing library services at the user and paradoxically, that may encourage the patron to seek them out. The first visit is so welcoming and fun that you want more. “Oh, you offer books too? Swell!” Reluctant users let down their guard and those who thought the library was only about books are surprised by the embarrassment of technological riches present; links galore, Twitter feeds, a blog with book recommendations.

Interaction is light and informal. Many of the postings are by patrons and local businesses. Multnomah County Library does not dominate the conversation. This is important. If other users see that they are only supposed to interact as commentors, they may never move to be contributors. I see that this is not the case at this site.

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