Facebook Suggestions (SPL)

My first suggestion for Seattle Public Library involves the promotion of their Facebook page. Moving the icon to a more prominent place on the website layout would help tremendously. It would make users aware of the service. The icon is small enough that it could occupy the empty space next to the date on the heading of every web page.

Regarding the Facebook site, I want to share two social networking recommendations from Sarah Houghton’s blog, Librarian in Black . The first involves the library’s profile picture. Sarah Houghton counsels against using a picture of the building. In her view, it sends a message that the library is “about bricks & mortar!” Not lively or “with it.” To make it more “social,” a picture of a person or an avatar would be best. The library’s logo is also a good choice.

My final suggestion, also from Sarah Houghton, involves what she terms, “suss it up.” Vancouver Public Library’s Facebook page is in need of jazziness. More pictures, video, music would liven it up. Posting fun, slightly wacky questions would also help. I noticed two posts that, at their core, basically asked what users were reading (Did you get any good books yesterday? Psssst! Whatcha reading?) Suss it up and they will come.

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