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This blog is Assignment #3: Social Software Assignment for the course LIBR 500: Foundations of Information Technology.

The purpose of this online document is to review and evaluate the Facebook presence of two Northwestern US libraries: Multnomah County Library located in Oregon state and the Seattle Public Library of Washington State. As mentioned by the Educause Learning Initiative in 7 things You Should Know About Facebook II, users do not just maintain personal relationships in this portal; “professional interests, political activities and other connections” can be made. To stay relevant and to better serve their users, libraries seek to make connections with their communities through this social network. Are they doing it successfully? What could be improved?

For each library, I begin with an evaluation of its website concentrating on navigation, visual design and accessibility.

I will then move on to evaluating their use of Facebook. Is it easy for patrons to locate each library’s Facebook page? What about the usability of the page? How well does it fit in with other services offered by the library? If I were a patron, would I use it? Finally, I will give some suggestions for improvement.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy reading and learning along with me.


MLIS Estudiante

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